Monday, March 5, 2012

Kirk Cameron, Paranorman, October Baby, John Carter, Silent House

Kirk Cameron in February 2012.
God bless him, actor Kirk Cameron has been targeted for saying that homosexuality is unnatural and gay marriage is detrimental to the foundations of society. I'm posting my review of Project X today, and that was in no way the film I hoped it would be, but it does really target what the heart of the problem is in politics today: are we animals or humans? It really all comes down to that. Self-righteous liberals who think themselves superior to conservatives need to study history: the most advanced civilizations, even those such as ancient Greece that tolerated homosexuality, NEVER EVER NEVER EVER provided for gay unions as they are wanting today; even the Egyptians, who allowed for incest, never made any allowances for homosexuality, and yet the liberals want us to believe that we are to blame and we are being close-minded when in fact, all of history and humanity is on our side, not theirs. 
Having said that, here's another pro-Obama film coming out:
ParaNorman has an August release date and looks to be pro-Obama for this reason: "The witch's ghost is going to wake up and when she does she'll raise the dead," which means Republican voters. Now I can be very wrong, but based on the information provided in the trailer, Norman is defending the status quo, that is, the system which we currently have, he's not fighting to change the system. The status quo is the Obama administration and that's what Norman is wanting to protect.
On the other extreme is October Baby (coming out in October) about Hannah who survived a botched abortion, was adopted, and is now  searching for answers to what happened to her; the tag line? "Every life is beautiful," you don't' get that out of the Democrats.
Heretofore, I haven't said anything about John Carter being released this weekend. The trailers, while action-packed, just haven't presented any real information, but today, a special 10 minute clip from Disney studios has been released.
What is interesting about this clip?
First, whenever dates are presented, that is vital information. In 1868, the Civil War had been over three years, and, if you have noticed, several films this year are about the Civil War, because of the political situation, America is as divided today over homosexuality and abortion as it was then over slavery (because homosexuality and abortion is an issue of slavery to the appetites). Secondly, there is the flashback to John Carter's wife (presumably dead) and that, in contrast to Paranorman, is wanting a return to what was previous, but that which has been lost, i.e., died, and in political terms, we can call that "American values."
When John Carter gets "inexplicably transported" to Mars, that isn't what happens; it means that the film is now going to present us with symbols, with disguises, so that it can talk about issues it can speak of in open language. The aliens in the film could possibly be the Apache Indians chasing John Carter, or Mexicans; they could also be someone else. But what is clear, is John Carter gets into a war, and that is not a Democrat platform. I really don't know what to expect from the film, but I will be seeing it Friday, along with Silent House (starring Elizabeth Olsen). As I said, I saw the terrible Project X this weekend and Oscar winner A Separation and will get both those up today.
This is probably what whole film will be about: unlocking the locked doors and facing what has been kept in the dark. The house is a symbol for the soul/mind, so if there is a killer, it means something is keeping her from being able to get on with her life and that involves her father.