Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hunger Games

Wes Bentley as Seneca Crane, the chairman of the Hunger Games.
Every second of every shot is crammed packed with rich details and important commentary about the characters and the film. In the shot above, just as an example, Seneca Crane, the chairman of the Hunger Games, has a fantastically sculpted beard. The beard symbolizes our primitive nature (primitive man went natural) whereas civilized man displays his intellect and superiority above nature by shaving his face and that Seneca's beard (primitiveness) is sculpted (partial shaving) reveals how, Seneca as the chairman of the spectacle, "sculpts the appetites" of all watching the Hunger Games, by knowing what to give the audience to make it a good show. The black jacket he wears accentuates his role as a grim reaper by deciding who will die and who get another chance; the red shirt underneath the black jacket reminds us that all of that narrative we are watching is because our appetites (red is the color of the appetites) are beneath the surface hence, we are to blame for it, not Seneca. I am getting my complete review up ASAP!
Perseus (Sam Worthington) in Wrath of the Titans; who else is being caught "between a rock and a hard spot" today?
AND, yet another clip from next week's premiere of Wrath of the Titans has been released, this one with Zeus talking to Hades:
In watching this trailer, we have to ask, "Who else is currently reigning over a kingdom that has fallen into ruin?" When we see kingdoms in ruin, like the queen's in next week's Mirror, Mirror, and Ravenna's (Charlize Theron) in Snow White and the Huntsman, that easily translates to the state of the American economy today (which also includes The Hunger Games), and that the ruined kingdom is becoming a trend in films means that everyone is trying to say something about it and how, and by whom, the kingdom will be saved and what it is causing the ruin is what is making this a great year for film.
Has someone else "outgrown" what they could wear when they first came to power? Has someone else gotten "too big for their britches?"