Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Vow & Obamacare

I had really high hopes for The Vow, but they was quickly dashed: it is, in short, a political platform for President Obama's re-election. It takes place in Chicago, where he is from. After Paige's memory loss (Rachel McAdams) she tells Leo (Channing Tatum) that she doesn't even know who the President is and he tells her that it's Obama; she replies, "The Senator?" and he tells her that she voted for him. When it's obvious that Paige is not falling back in love with Leo after the "crash," which should be understood as the economic crash of 2008, Bill Thornton (Sam Neill), Paige's father, tells Leo that he should get a divorce from her: since they didn't have health care (read: Obamacare) he's now drowning in debt and he can't save their marriage.
Paige symbolizes voters who "wedded" themselves to the Obama Administration but then lost the memory of why they voted for him. The Vow suggests that, just as Paige slowly starts to put her life back together the same way she did before the accident, so she would also vote for Obama again and the country should be like Paige, realizing that just as Paige's family tried to capitalize on her accident to get her back with them, so Republicans are trying to capitalize on Obama's failures as a president to get voters back with them: just as Paige belongs with Leo, so voters belong with Obama. Obama, like Leo, is trying to get that love back that has been lost through, what he might call "accidents" but what Republicans call, "incompetence." Personally, I am in no way a supporter of Obama, but The Vow is reaching out to anyone who might have "accidentally" lost their love for him and he now wants another four years to make them fall back in love with him.