Monday, February 13, 2012

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer: Oddity Explained

Abraham Lincoln, a vampire slayer?
This really, really, really seems to be reaching to the bottom of the barrel, until I saw something on Twitter over the weekend, the bones of the story: as a young man, Lincoln sees the unearthly creatures killing his mother, and so he spends the rest of his life hunting down the blood-suckers. Now the story makes perfect sense! His mother, of course, is the motherland and Abe is saving America from blood-sucking politicians by the strength of his axe, i.e., hard work and honesty, the trademarks of his administration (I would love to go into Congress slinging an axe! Oh, and the cutting off the head, since the head symbolizes the governing function, Lincoln cutting the head off means they are not getting re-elected). The importance of this film is that it's going head-to-head with Hollywood royalty: Steven Spielberg.
Daniel Day Lewis stars as Abraham Lincoln in Spielberg's film Lincoln; first photo of him in make-up that has bee released while he was having lunch.
Spielberg is a Democrat and Lincoln was a conservative Republican, and, again, knowing this is an election year and that Spielberg is a supporter of President Obama, and it was Lincoln's Bible upon which Obama took the oaths to protect the office of the Presidency, regardless of Lincoln's politics, you can be sure it will be a liberal film, so, for those of us who are conservatives, the "wilder" of the two films (Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer) might give us the greater satisfaction. It's at least one more film to look forward to this year.
P.S.--thoroughly enjoyed The Innkeepers and will be getting that post up today!
 Hansel & Gretl Witch Hunters was supposed to be opening this year, starring Jeremy Renner of The Hurt Locker and the New Bourne Legacy, along with Gemma Arterton from Casiono Royale and Clash of the Titans. It won't be released until 2013, it's in post-production stages right now, and a new Hansel & Gretel is being released with the tagline, "If you get lost in the woods, you just might find yourself." That's interesting. As always, I will. be keeping you up-to-date!