Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why Christopher Nolan Should Not Edit Bane's Audio

Tom Hardy as Bane in the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises by Christopher Nolan. Remember, the mouth symbolizes the appetites, so the mechanical apparatus on his mouth, which also controls his speech, is going to be tied to what it is he is really after and how he will go about getting it.
I am working hard on getting 2011 the Year of Fear & 2012 the Return to the Written Word done; there were a lot of great films and more to come and, as always, I am a slave to being thorough.
Just a note on The Dark Knight Rises: there is a controversy over audiences being able to understand Bane's voice in the trailer. This is the now-infamous TDKR trailer teaser just released:
Bane, played by the incomparable Tom Hardy (Inception, Warrior) is an incredibly gifted actor and, Christopher Nolan is possibly the best director in Hollywood today. It's wrong to limit the tools an artist wants to employ in making a point. Supposedly, a speech delivered by Bane to the citizens of Gotham tells them that if they do not take over the city, an unknown citizen will be killed at a sports field. I think that if someone showed up talking like that, it would honestly be difficult to know what he was saying too, and this isn't about elocution or articulation, rather, that wonderful randomness called "noise," so artistically employed by Nolan's rival Steven Soderbergh in Contagion. Our world is full of noise and static (and this same device is being used by Ridley Scott in the Prometheus trailer) and sometimes, it's more important for us to understand that there are things we cannot hear (regardless how clearly the speaker is speaking), than to acquiesce to those things we can hear.
 If Bane is saying that he is going to kill someone, then the citizens of Gotham should be listening to the unspoken definition of what "rising up" Bane is talking about, because they are going to become the army Bane uses to enslave their very selves, rather than freeing themselves of some local government. Bane-style tyranny is probably going to be far, far worse than anything Gotham endures at the current time. Nolan is extremely careful with everything he does: he thinks through everything, and the caliber of his past quality should lead us to trust him with risks he's wanting to take now. This trailer has some great shots, and gives us probably the best summary heretofore of what the film will be about (that Nolan is willing to release, and I don't think he's willing to release much):