Friday, December 9, 2011

Some Movie News

This was originally an apology for taking so long to get my post on Anonymous up, which is up now. I will be seeing Take Shelter this weekend and getting that post up asap. I also will be posting for  A Christmas Story.
Here is a trailer I just found via Twitter for Mysteries of Lisbon:
Why does The Mysteries of Lisbon look intriguing? The boy does not know who he is; that means, Europe does not know who it is. He might be the son of a priest, or an aristocrat, and that is a battle: does Europe have Christian origins or merely aristocratic?  Whenever identity is an issue in a film, it has wide and sweeping implications for a segment of the population, not just the main character (or no one would be interested in seeing it; it has to touch us in our own uncertainty about who we are).
And Post Scriptum,. . .
The new Men in Black III trailer will be public in 3 days, I will get that posted asap! In the meantime, here is the new poster for it:
The first full-length trailer for Dark Knight Rises is due out this month, and there is a rumor going out about getting tickets for a preview screening at select iMax theaters. In the meantime, someone has said that the July 2012 release of Battleship is going to be the best film of 2012 to go to while drunk; I think there's far more to this than action and sci-fi:
Why would I pay to go see this film?
First of all, Game Theory. They go to the ocean for "naval war games" and "Battleship" was the name of the popular board game. Secondly, this is a generational film: the captain of the ship is dead (Liam Neeson) and the younger generation has to take control (for more on the generational revolt theme, please see first Freud & Oedipus: The Ancient Struggle and The Sign of Rebellion: Hair). The little boy watching the towering building fall down is a reference to 9/11 and, lastly, what is it that has become "alien" to us? Our own government. Given that this film is entitled Battleship, and the reason why the battleship became so important to the US (World War II), this is going to explore a lot of issues that are facing us right now.
In addition to The Avengers coming out, there is also the Amazing Spider Man. There seems to be an epidemic of  "super-hero" films being released and personally, I think that's because there is a crisis of leadership and no one remembers what a hero is, at least not in Washington:
I saw the first Spider Man and was immensely disappointed, but have higher hopes for this one. There literally seems to be more reflecting done in this film and, if nothing else, it will have good company this summer when the rest of them are all coming out.